My Computer Science Website

Made by Marvin

Here is my computer science web page. This is the first web page we made and has been real fun. Below you will some journal entries. They were questions asked during the first few weeks of class. We may ass some more information to this page later on byt tight now we are useing to learn HTML and CSS.

I would love to have you look at the game I made at Below is the link to the game.

My Floppy Fish Game

My Journal

First Journal Entry

what is the definition of a computer?
A computer is a machine that has....

Second Journal Entry

List at least 3 ways in which you currently use the internet?

Third Journal Entry

List as many computer-based communications mechanisms as you can.

  1. computer
  2. phone
  3. game console

Forth Journal Entry

What do you think about when you hear the word data?

I hope you like my other pages